Web Hosting Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality apps (AR) have emerged as an invaluable marketing strategy across industries. Customers can interact with your product without leaving home or office; from virtual fitting rooms and 3D models to interactive videos that showcase products, AR is a proven method for improving customer experience and increasing sales numbers.

WebAR stands out as an attractive platform by bypassing the need to download an app in order to launch an augmented reality experience, making your content reach more potential customers and reach even wider audiences.

No-download experiences also don’t consume much storage space on mobile devices since they’re hosted in the cloud; on the contrary, app-based solutions require much more room on one’s device.

HTML5 provides the ideal environment for developing WebAR apps, with support for sensors such as accelerometers and cameras on mobile devices. With HTML5, developers can create immersive AR experiences suitable for both desktop computers and mobile phones alike – such as 3D image recognition, scavenger hunts, 2D and immersive videos.

Vuforia, an augmented reality development solution, allows you to track and detect objects in the real world. Furthermore, this platform can deliver mixed reality experiences for iOS and Android, superimposing digital objects onto real world views. Furthermore, this can even be used with Microsoft Hololens; but to use it with this device an application must first be linked together.